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Mon, Mar. 27th, 2006, 01:22 am
trede: General update

Just to let everyone know about recent updates, here's what has been added to the site recently:


Fan art: one new picture by Kel, which is a colored version of a previous picture of Scoff.

Fan fiction: the first chapter of a story by Rachel Cooper (who also does fan art), called Nothing Goes.

Comics: I put up the first 13 pages of Kel's Heartland.

Remember, your submissions are accepted at any and all times! Let's make this site massive.


• There's now a "creatures" page, which will over time become a bestiary explaining all sorts of things, from the differences between races of dragons, to all the different and exotic creatures in the Stone trilogy.

• No Graham Edwards news in ages, apart from the hints in the Feb 2006 interview. I keep my fingers crossed that Grum will update the website soon. I hope there's a new novel on the way.


Is anyone able to get back issues of Realms Of Fantasy? I've tried but they don't accept Paypal - I don't have a credit card so Paypal is all I can use. If someone could get copies of April and October 2005 it would be awesome, as the site could then have a lot more info about the short stories Graham Edwards has written. See the magazine's website: http://www.rofmagazine.com


I'm overwhelmed with college work at the moment, so no new major content until my break which is 3 or 4 weeks away. Then i'll have time to add more info (my current book is Stone and Sky, so lots of info from there coming soon). Of course in the meantime I'll still update the site with new art and fiction and what-have-you, as it comes to me. So keep those submissions coming. :D

Sun, Mar. 26th, 2006 08:11 pm (UTC)

My current book is Stone & Sea, which I started on last night (I'm half way through!)
Good to see new material *goes of and oggles Scoff.*