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End of the site.

Well, the website is dead.

I might bring it back one day, when money isn't scarce and I don't have a uni degree (among many other things) weighing on my back.
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10 days until expiry

The hosting for Loving Dragoncharm is about to expire (on the 13th of June) and, being a broke university student, I can't afford to renew it before that date.

If anyone can help out by paypalling me funds (say, around US$10) for the renewal I can repay them within the month. So if you can help please let me know, otherwise is a goner (well, not entirely; there's just a hefty US$80 redemption fee after the expiry date to keep the hosting).
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A very tiny update, there's just a cool little map thing on the site's main page that puts a dot on a map whenever someone visits. Over time we should build up an indicator of the series' main geographical demographic. :)
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A small site update (first one in 6 months, ugh I'm so lazy).

Just added some more author news, and a tiny dabble of information to the Short Stories page and the International Covers page. You can read all this news in the top-most entry of the news page (IE the index page of the site)

I'd really appreciate if anyone else wanted to write/create some content for the site. Just browse around, see what's missing, and let me know. Thanks so much.
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A small bit of author news...

Graham Edwards will be attending FantasyCon '06 in Nottingham this September, joining such authors as Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and Raymond Feist. For more information check Edwards' website and the FantasyCon website.

Apologies for the lack of site updates recently. Now that I'm on holiday I have time to work on site content, so expect new content in the next month or so. And of course, if you can contribute just let me know.

Now a question to hopefully spark some discussion: what other books have people been reading lately?
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Loving Dragoncharm has been online for one month. I thought I'd share some stats of the first month of the site:

Page requests: 2109

Server requests (includes images etc): 17658

Most viewed pages:
1. Fan art
2. Dragoncharm characters
3. Dragoncharm movie info

Remember, keep the fan art coming! Just no comics or flash animations, for legal reasons.
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Concerns re: comics, flash, etc

Hi everyone. Just thought I should let everyone read this email from Mr. Edwards:

Dear Thomas

I was concerned to find a partial comic strip adaptation of my novel
Dragoncharm on your 'Loving Dragoncharm' website, here:

I must remind you that no adaptations of my copyrighted work may be
published in any form, whether for profit or otherwise, without the express
permission of myself and HarperCollins. This includes, but is not restricted
to, comic strips, screenplays, Flash animation and written fiction.

I appreciate the comic strip in question has come from the fan community. I
therefore appreciate the spirit in which it has been created. Nevertheless,
copyright law applies. I trust you will remove these pages immediately.

Yours sincerely
Graham Edwards